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Committee Meetings

The VCCT Committee meets quarterly. The meetings are open to the public and will be posted in the newspaper, on public radio, and on bulletin boards around town. The meetings are held in the conference room at Connecting Ties, Inc. For information, please contact Rhonda Sambo at 907-835-3274.

Contact Information

Connecting Ties, Inc.
P.O. Box 2017
Valdez, AK 99686

Transportation Plan


The community of Valdez has no public transit system and only one cab company which has no handicap accessible vehicles. No one agency had the financial resources, personnel or equipment to provide area-wide transportation to the community. Therefore, this plan was developed based on the concept of coordinating existing resources as a starting point.  The basic concept would be for the development of a coordinating center that could receive requests for transportation and direct those requests to the agency or private provider that can best meet the needs of the client. This concept has been implemented into the community with Connecting Ties, Inc. as the lead agency for the transportation program. The plan has evolved in a new direction from the original idea. By working together with our coordinated partners through quarterly meetings, teleconferences and community luncheons we have been able to offer coverage 24/7 instead of just Monday through Friday.

Through the award of grants from the Department of Transportation, Alaska Mental Health Trust, and contributions for our local match from United Way of Valdez, Wells Fargo, Alyeska Pipeline Corporation and local fares for the rides, we have implemented the voucher program.
The grant covers elderly (60 and over), disabled (mentally or physically), and low income to work populations. The program has been a smashing success, going from 39 rides in the month of February 2011(when the program was launched) to 491 rides in the month of October 2012. Obviously a great need has been fulfilled in our community for which we are truly thankful.

We have also built a website where forms are available for download and people can learn the history and read our transportation plan, become familiar with our members and have an opportunity to be linked in through our site.   

Connecting Ties, Inc is a member of the Central Corridor Transit Coordination Council (CCTCC). This council is working to open up transportation from Valdez to Anchorage by coordinating agencies/corporations along the route that transport passengers. The Council is in full swing and developing a software system to plug into each agency so the passengers will have a smooth, safe ride to their destination. The CCTCC meets quarterly to coordinate its plans.

The VCCT plan:

Read the complete Valdez Coordinated Transportation Plan.

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