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Committee Meetings

The VCCT Committee meets quarterly. The meetings are open to the public and will be posted in the newspaper, on public radio, and on bulletin boards around town. The meetings are held in the conference room at Connecting Ties, Inc. For information, please contact Rhonda Sambo at 907-835-3274.

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Contact Information

Connecting Ties, Inc.
P.O. Box 2017
Valdez, AK 99686

Welcome to Our Website!

About Us

The Valdez Coordinated Transportation Committee was formed in 2007 and has been operating our transportation program since February 2011. The committee comprises individuals representing different service provision agencies, writing services at, community groups having a common interest in providing transportation services for people within the community and also those with special needs (e.g., health issues/disabilities, senior citizens and those who are unable to meet the cost of their transportation needs to work)and individuals who realize the need for this transportation system. You may view our collaborators under their menu tab.

We hold community meetings four times a year to update the committee members and the general public. Our meetings convey the progress that the committee is making towards keeping our transportation program running at its highest efficiency. Connecting Ties, Inc. is the lead agency for the program, headed by Tina Russell the Deputy Director for Connecting Ties, Inc. and a Mobility Manager.

Through these meetings and surveys we have discovered the need for these transportation services. The public may not realize just how many folks are in need of transportation services; the general public; kids/teenagers who need a ride to school activities as well as those who have missed the bus; seniors and individuals with disabilities to go shopping, doctors appointments, or the post office; families without access to automobiles for day care; individuals going to work; individuals living outside Valdez; rides to pick up medication; elders on Medicaid and wheelchair bound individuals; low-income patients at the hospital/counseling center; welfare to work clients; and individuals to pick up food at the food bank.

Our transportation program covers the elderly, disabled and low-income to work populations. We offer low cost vouchers to these populations so they can reach their destinations in an affordable, safe and timely manner.

Join Our Team!

As you can see there is a great need for these transportation services in our community and we of the VCCTC have implemented this transportation program and found it to be an amazing success. If you feel like you'd like to reach out and help your community, please join our committee so we can keep this system in place. Just click on the "Contact Us" tab and we'll be happy to make you a part of our dedicated team!

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